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Wellness Incentives

Earn a Wellness Incentive of up to $75 on your MyBlue Wellness Card by completing the Blue Health Assessment and achieving goals related to a healthy lifestyle in the areas of exercise, nutrition, stress, weight management and emotional health.

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Benefits Statements

Let your Benefits Statements be your benefits assistant! Find ways to save and see a snapshot of your claims and your benefits in annual or quarterly time periods—anytime you need answers, not just when you’re close to your filing cabinet. Access your statements on your computer, smartphone or tablet—from home, the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

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Quit Smoking Program

If you are ready to stop using tobacco, we have the support you need for success. Take the BHA and indicate that you use tobacco and then use the Online Health Coach to select the tobacco cessation goal and create a plan to quit. After you complete these steps, you’ll be eligible to receive tobacco cessation products for free.

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Stress Management

The best way to manage your stress is to learn healthy coping strategies. You can start practicing these tips right away. Try one or two until you find a few that work for you. Practice these techniques until they become habits you turn to when you feel stress.

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Blue Finder App

With the Blue Finder smartphone app, finding a doctor or hospital has never been easier! One tap with the Blue Finder app connects you to the closest provider, hospital, or urgent care center. You can dial a provider’s phone number and use the interactive GPS map and driving directions to get to your selected location. Text and email options allow you to share and save your results.

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Free Generic Drugs

Save on your prescriptions by using a generic drug when available. If you have Standard Option, you may also be eligible to get the first 4 prescription fills or refills at no charge when you switch from certain brand-name drugs to specific generic drugs when you use a Preferred Pharmacy.

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Free Well-Child Visits

You pay nothing for covered preventive childcare and routine screening procedures for children up to age 22 when you use a Preferred provider.

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Nurse Line

Call, chat online or email the Nurse Line for reliable health information, anytime day or night. Visit or call 1-888-258-3432 to get reliable health information from knowledgeable, registered nurses.

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Online Health Coach

It’s your own private cheering section! When you work with the all-new Online Health Coach on your path to better health, you’ll get suggestions for realistic, personalized activities to stay on track. Start by taking the BHA, then earn rewards—up to $35—when you achieve your exercise, stress management, emotional health, weight loss and nutrition goals. Get ideas and encouragement for managing your chronic conditions, like diabetes, asthma and others.

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Treatment Cost Estimator

This tool helps you get a general understanding of the cost ranges for common types of healthcare services. So you can compare the costs for treatment at different facilities and hospitals. As a member, you can access this tool by signing up through the MyBlue® Portal.

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Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Management Incentive Program provides critical education if you have diabetes, assists in improving your blood sugar control and helps to manage or slow the progression of complications related to diabetes. You will receive credit on your MyBlue Wellness Card when you complete specific activities.

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Free Annual Physical

To help keep you healthy, you can get free routine annual physicals with Service Benefit Plan coverage when you use a Preferred provider. Selected immunizations and cancer screenings are free also.

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WalkingWorks® is a good start for any exercise routine with a free pedometer and online walking guide.

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Blue365® Deals

Blue365® offers all Service Benefit Plan members exclusive access to information, discounts and savings that make it easier and more affordable to make healthy choices.

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Free Cancer Screenings

Count on your Service Benefit Plan coverage to pay for selected cancer screenings when you use a Preferred provider—including colonoscopies to screen for colorectal cancer and mammograms to screen for breast cancer.

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Online Records

Your all-new Personal Health Record (PHR) gives you easy access to your health information, making it simple for you to keep track of your medical history, appointments and lab results. There’s no need to worry that you’ve forgotten important health details—your PHR has you covered. When you complete the BHA and work with the Online Health Coach, this information is fed to your PHR. Plus, wherever your smartphone goes, your PHR goes, too!

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Free Immunizations

Get immunized for seasonal flu, shingles, pneumonia, meningitis and HPV. Other covered vaccines for adults and children are free as well when you use a Preferred provider.

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Nutrition Programs

Get individualized preventive nutritional counseling visits at no cost to you from a Preferred provider. This can help you and your family choose healthier foods and make positive lifestyle changes.

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Large Network of Doctors

It's a network that is second to none. In fact, there are nearly one million hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and other health care professionals in our Preferred Provider Network. So it's easy to find a network provider wherever you are. And when you use our Preferred providers, you save money, too.

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Maternity Benefits

When you use a Preferred hospital, maternity admissions are free under Standard Option and you pay a $175 copayment under Basic Option. Free physician services are available under both options when you use a Preferred Provider.

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Health Club Memberships

You pay a $25 initiation fee and $25 monthly for unlimited visits to over 8,000 fitness facilities nationwide. You are not limited to a specific facility.

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Symptom Checker

Use the Online Symptom Checker to receive possible reasons for your symptoms — from your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you have questions while using the Online Symptom Checker, you can chat online with the Nurse Line, too. As a member, you can access this tool by signing up through the MyBlue® Portal.
*Seek immediate medical attention for life-threatening health issues.

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Health Assessment

What you don’t know can hurt you. Take the redesigned Blue Health Assessment (BHA) to address health risks before they become issues. Answer simple questions and in just minutes receive a clear, concise, personalized approach to a healthier you. You can even take the BHA multiple times throughout the year to update your plan and see progress. Earn $40 for completing the BHA in 2014!

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Online Weight Management

A healthy weight is a weight that lowers your risk for health problems. For most people, body mass index (BMI) and waist size are good ways to tell if they are at a healthy weight. Your Online Health Coach will help you with making healthy lifestyle changes. When you're active and eating well, your body will settle into a weight that is healthy for you. If you want to get to a healthy weight and stay there, healthy lifestyle changes will work better than dieting. Reaching a certain number on the scale is not as important as having a healthy lifestyle.

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